Skilled Nurses: Monitoring Seniors Nutrition

Skilled Nurses: Monitoring Seniors Nutrition

A number of seniors go through malnutrition, this is no because they consume less food, but because they lack the proper nutrition because of the food they are consuming. The consequence of malnutrition comes physically and psychologically. It can weaken their immune system and increases the risk of infection, risk of slip and fall injuries, and can cause weakness of muscles. The skilled nurses at Tender Adult Day Services, a provider of adult day services in Winchester, Ohio, will come up with the best possible ways to help combat malnutrition and monitor their nutrition.

It can be hard for non-medical inclined individuals to detect senior malnutrition, this is why we have qualified nurses and offer nursing services in Ohio to help keep close attention and support to senior patients. They make sure to closely coordinate with patient’s doctors to know the health issues that result in malnutrition and follow effective professional procedures to combat it. Our nurses make sure to monitor meals that can provide the right nutrition a person should get in the time of our care, guide with their medication responsibilities, and ensure that each senior patient will be assisted to perform physical activities that are fit for their unique health situation.

Know about the different options of services our adult day care center in Gahanna, Ohio can provide to help monitor your elderly loved one’s nutrition while you are not around. Do not hesitate to reach out to our lines and schedule an appointment with us so we can discuss it properly.

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