Senior Care: Caregiving Tips to Prevent Falls

Senior Care: Caregiving Tips to Prevent Falls

One of the most common injuries that happen to seniors at home, especially to those who have a physical and mental disability are falls. There are many and easy ways to prevent falls from happening at home. At Tender Adult Day Services, a provider of adult day services in Canal Winchester, Ohio, we give you caregiving tips to prevent senior falls at home, that we also strictly implement here.

  • Make sure that the hallways or the entire house are well lighted. At our adult daycare center in Gahanna, Ohio, we see to it that our facility is bright enough for seniors to clearly see. We make sure that the hallways and bathrooms get the right amount of light.
  • Make sure that there are no boxes or other things that block the pathways in the house, especially to areas where your senior loved ones usually pass by. See to it that hallways are clear of unnecessary stuff.
  • Use non-slip floor mats only. See to it that you are only using non-slip floor mats at home, especially in areas where falls are most prone to happen, such as main entrance, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

We also have quality nursing services in Ohio for your senior loved ones who require medical care and attention. To know more about the services we can provide, do not hesitate to contact us.

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