Proper Ways to Handle Senior Temper Tantrum

Proper Ways to Handle Senior Temper Tantrum

Taking care of a senior loved one is a challenging task for every family caregiver. Sometimes, the stress can pile up and may affect the quality of your caregiving. To prevent yourself from caregiver burnout, you might want to look for an adult day care center in Gahanna, Ohio to take care of your senior loved one while you take your well-deserved break.

Seniors tend to throw tantrum, and this is an unavoidable problem that every caregiver would face daily. They tend to feel irritated and frustrated whenever their requests are not fulfilled or if you were not able to provide what they need. Many caregivers are having a hard time dealing with the tantrums of their senior loved ones. To help you, here are some useful tips on handling senior tantrum:

  • Remain Calm.
    Do not match the level of the temper of your loved one. You need to remain calm and rational so that you can also be able to diffuse the temper of your senior.
  • Know that you can’t control their emotions and behaviors.
    You can only offer your help or support for them. Just accept that you don’t have any control over their thoughts and actions. You can also avail of nursing services in Ohio if you need any help.
  • Ask and be a listener to them.
    Ask them about the things that made them upset, and be attentive to their explanations.
  • Apologize for any wrongdoing on your part.
    If you are part of the reason why they are upset, whether you like it or not, you should also apologize.

We at Tender Adult Day Services are always dedicated to improving the well-being of seniors through our adult day services in Winchester, Ohio.

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