How to Increase the Strength of Your Senior Loved Ones

How to Increase the Strength of Your Senior Loved Ones

The common concern of most seniors is their deteriorating strength. This makes them vulnerable and prone to falls and accidents inside or outside their house. Thus, seeking nursing services in Ohio becomes one of their priority.

But know that there are still things that you can do to help your senior loved ones increase their strength. One of these is to observe proper exercise every day. You may look for an adult day care center in Gahanna, Ohio that offers exercise programs for the elderly.

We have also prepared useful exercises that can help improve the mobility of your senior loved ones:

  • Upper Body Clam Shell.
    This exercise helps increase shoulder flexibility and stability while, at the same time, giving the back, chest, and arms a small workout.
  • Semi-Sits.
    This helps strengthen the knee muscles allowing more oxygen and blood to flow around the joints.
  • Seated Abdominal Press.
    This kind of exercise allows you to strengthen your core. By maintaining the core strength, you are also maintaining your stability and overall mobility.
  • Low-Back Rotation Stretch.
    This can help you improve your range of motion, reducing the back pain, and increasing flexibility on tendons, muscles, and ligaments.

Tender Adult Day Services offers adult day services in Winchester, Ohio. Our main goal is to improve the overall well-being of seniors.

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