Dealing With Appetite Loss in Older Adults

Dealing With Appetite Loss in Older Adults

What can get in the way of older adults’ healthy nutrition is appetite loss. Many reasons lead to seniors losing their appetites like changes in taste buds, certain medications, and others. At Tender Adult Day Services, we have the responsibility of serving nutritious meals suited to their needs. It is part of our adult day services in Winchester, Ohio to make sure your loved ones receive the nutrients they need for good overall health with tips to help fight appetite loss.

Setting a time for each meal or snack will allow the bodies of older adults to identify the time they need food, making them sense their hunger and eat what is on their plate. Another tip to help deal with appetite loss is to serve food in small portions as big-plated meals may overwhelm them, causing them to refuse to finish their food. Our adult day care center in Gahanna, Ohio prepares a colorful plate packed with nutrients to also stimulate their appetite as they see the appetizing appearance of their food.

Lastly, eating alone can also cause seniors to lose their appetite. Along with our nursing services in Ohio, eating as a social activity can boost older adults’ appetite as they enjoy good food with good company.

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