Helping Seniors Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
seniors exercising at gym with their instructor

Having a regular exercise has a lot of health benefits, especially for seniors. It’s for this reason that we provide physical fitness exercises that not only allow our residents to get physically active but to be socially active as well as they enjoy the company of other residents. Our exercise program is designed to minimize the risks for falling for our senior residents. We select exercise routines which can improve balance and physical strength so that falls become less likely in our center.

Need Help?

Just call 614-327-6439 and schedule an enrollment meeting, which takes about 45 minutes. Our Center Director and/or Nurse will provide an overview of the program, including admission, enrollment application, mission, physician forms, daily activities, discharge criteria, as well as conduct a quick assessment to ensure that our services are appropriate for the prospective guest. We will also need to have a Physician’s Order form, completed by the primary care physician.