Celebrating Life, Enjoying Moments
caregiver and senior woman with christmas tree at their back

At Tender Adult Day Services (TADS), we provide opportunities for every resident to enjoy and celebrate holidays in our center together with their family. We offer lots of great entertainment and ensure to create an atmosphere that is fun, vibrant, and friendly to make holiday celebrations memorable and special for all of our clients.

We celebrate:

  • Birthdays
  • Thanksgiving
  • Special Events
  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • And More

Need Help?

Just call 614-327-6439 and schedule an enrollment meeting, which takes about 45 minutes. Our Center Director and/or Nurse will provide an overview of the program, including admission, enrollment application, mission, physician forms, daily activities, discharge criteria, as well as conduct a quick assessment to ensure that our services are appropriate for the prospective guest. We will also need to have a Physician’s Order form, completed by the primary care physician.